What to Expect

4 Phases of Treatment

Phase 1. Phone Intake(free)- Duration 15 minutes

The phone intake is prior to the first appointment. This will be demographic information and a brief description of the reason for seeking treatment, verifying insurance/payment, and introduction to treatment.

Phase 2. Initial Assessment-Duration 1 hour

The initial assessment is an extension of phase 1. This will be an assessment to gather additional information to ensure the appropriate treatment is being provided. This will be an assessment to gain this information.

Phase 3. Treatment Planning-Duration 50 minutes

This will session will be a collaborative effort to identify the goals that will be focused on in treatment. You will have an opportunity to outline specific goals. Together, we will identify treatment goals as an outline for treatment. There will be a treatment plan updated throughout treatment to ensure progress and relevance of goals. At this phase, we will also discuss how frequent we will meet.

Phase 4. Therapy Session-Duration 50 minutes

Treatment is a journey. Phase 4 will be regular sessions once duration is established. The goal here will be meeting you where you are and defining what progress looks like. Everyone has their own journey. Here we will learn to appreciate yours.